• Originally from Granville in Normandy, it is in a family in love with its land that I grew up and discovered my taste for cooking. My grandfather was a cook and fisherman, I keep a tender memory of the delicious dishes he prepared and his authenticity in the kitchen inspires me today. This passion pushed me to become a chef. It is with great chefs in France and abroad that I have been able to acquire my skills and it is the starred chefs who have passed on to me the requirement and the taste for excellence. Because the product remains at the heart of my cooking and shares my philosophy in my work, because the satisfaction of my customer is my first objective, I offer tailor-made, a unique model for each of you so as to make these moments of cooking together unforgettable. I am a chef committed to a new cuisine, choosing my producers, privileging the flavours, respecting the culinary traditions and preserving our planet, so many commitments that contribute to your satisfaction.
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Year 2020 :

  • January 2020 Luncheon of the Executive Board of the French Insurance Federation PARIS
  • June 2020 Cocktail for the Department of Manche and the Principality of Monaco in MONACO (Postponed)
  • August 2020 Hand-Stitched Dinner at the Christian DIOR Granville Garden
  • September 2020 Gala Dinner 100 years Mazda PARIS
  • October 2020 Cocktail for the Normandy region during the world forum “Normandy for peace”
  • October 2020 Lunch and Cocktail for Hyundai PARIS
  • December 2020 Product launch for Mauviel 1830 at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche PARIS

Year 2019 :

  • Cocktail for Mauviel1830 & Les Grandes Tables Du Monde 2019
  • Season at the Palace le Cheval Blanc Courchevel.

Year 2018 :

  • Chef of the GALA Dinner at Club El Nogal in Bogota, Colombia
  • Alléno Paris at the Pavillon Ledoyen 3 stars in the Michelin Guide
    – In charge of cooking classes for the chef Yannick Alléno
    – Event at the Jockey Club Hong Kong for Chef Yannick Alléno
  • Integration in the Team France of the Bocuse d’Or for the Europe final
  • Cocktail for the VIPs of TASTE OF PARIS
  • Guest Chef at Arté Gustu (Gastronomic Festival) ALERIA, CORSICA
  • Chief representative for Mauviel 1830 in MEXICO for the Bocuse d’or Amérique
  • Culinary demonstration at the OMNIVOR Festival.

Year 2017 :

  • Cocktail at Printemps Boulevard Haussmann for Mauviel x Sarah Lavoine
  • Culinary demonstration during the final of the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon.
  • Chef de cuisine for Mauviel1830
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